1. HAL-RAR Hämorrhoiden Operation

hal 1

HAL-RAR (Recto Anal Repair) are minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse. This method guarantees "no cutting" and "no open wounds". Therefore this can be referred to as "painless". The advantages are:

♥ Duration of the operation is about 30 minutes.
♥ 1 Day hospital stay.
♥ Next day able to work.
♥ Successfully applied worldwide.

A special instrument is inserted into the anus. Using ultrasound doppler sensor in the device, the blood-carrying hemorrhoid arteries are located accurately through acoustic signals! These vessels are tied off. This is done in a pain-free zone of the rectum. Thereby, the blood supply to the hemorrhoids and the pressure is decreased. The hemorrhoids become smaller and will disappear after some time. The effectiveness of the HAL method has been proven by many international studies.

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This operation is performed in Sanatorium Maria Hilf, the insurance covers the costs.

2. Laser Hemorrhoiden Operation

The innovative minimally invasive laser therapy enables painless outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids. The big advantage is that the hemorrhoids are not surgically cut and removed.
In contrast to the conventional surgery of hemorrhoids, laser treatment is done without open wounds and this reduces the risk of infection and so it is painless.

haemmodiden 1haemmodiden 2

This operation is carried out as outpatient in our practice center.