1. Anal fistula disease - Ayurveda Ksharasutra method

Ksharasutra OpIn Anal fistula Ayurveda "Kshar Sutra method" has been found in recent years worldwide recognition. It is a technique in which the fistula will not be cut, but a special alkalized herbal surgical thread is inserted into the fistula canal. This thread is enriched with healing herbs and leads to a spontaneous healing. The thread is pulled out through the fistula, tied and left there. The thread should be changed in 2-3 weeks with a new one. Normally 2-4 treatments are needed.

The procedure can be day surgery. And so it is an outpatient treatment. Since many years it is done in our centre. The dreaded fecal incontinence is excluded by this method.

This ayurvedic method can also be applied successfully in anal fistulas in Crohn's disease, multiple fistula and the pilonidal sinus.

Download: Info about Ayurveda-Ksharsutra operation

 2. Anal fistula disease - Laser Method

Fistula tract Laser Closure is a minimally invasive new treatment option for fistulas by using radial laser. The aim is a gentle laser radiation of the fistula to collapse the fistula without cutting. Thus any parts of the sphincter muscles are maximally protected and incontinence avoided.

fistel 1fistel 2

The flexible laser fiber is inserted from the outside of the fistula and positioned accurately with the aid of the pilot light. Through a constant withdrawal speed, energy is introduced into the fistula tract. The fistula shrinks immediately behind the laser fiber.