Ayurveda & Fistula

It is a holistic healing technique derived from a long ayurveda tradition !

  • Ayurvedic health & constitution daignosis
  • Ayurvedic nutritional counseling
  • Ayurvedic massage & wellness
  • Ayurvedic intensive cleansing (Panchakarma)
  • Ayurvedic anal fistula treatment (Ksharsutra)

The principle of any ayurveda treatment is a thorough medical examination. It is specifically diagnosed through the ayurveda point of pulse diagnosis and personal constitution. After this an exact treatment plan is developed.

Through decades of experience as a senior consultant surgeon in a general hospital, I naturally conduct alongside the varicose surgery, various other surgeries too. Operations on varicose veins, hemorrhoids and anal fistulas are performed in our praxis center. By improving the technique of local anesthesia, it is possible to perform these operations painlessly without anesthesia on an outpatient basis without a hospital stay.

Whether you opt for outpatient treatment or rather an hospital treatment, it needs to be clarified in a detailed medical consultation. Numerous surgical treatments will be paid directly from the private insurance. If a hospital treatment may be necessary, this can be carried out in the private hospital Maria Hilf, Klagenfurt. Many surgical operations such as thyroid, hernia, appendix, hemorrhoid etc. can be done in this hospital. The insurance covers the costs.

* The medical treatments are partially reimbursed by the health insurence.
* The expenses of ayurveda treatments are also tax deductible as an extraordinary expense.